10 Top best foods for brain


The brain plays an important role in the human body, which determines our consciousness and our actions so that in order to have a healthy brain, it is necessary to know best foods for brains and how to absorb them in right way.

Green vegetables

Green vegetable - Good for brain
Green vegetable – Good for brain

Green vegetables may be extremely bland, not attractive for someone but green vegetables is a very good food for the brain, helps the nervous system works effectively because of the green vegetables contain of high content of vitamin B6, B12 and Folata. It is these factors that help protect the brain from the risk of Alzheimer’s, enhance cognitive ability. Green vegetables are one of the best foods for the brain.

Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the vegetable oils that are high in nutrients and good for human health. In olive oil with high polyphenols content, strong antioxidant capacity will help improve the memory and learning of the brain, against the maximum negative impact due to age and disease cause. ADDLS is a protein that is dangerous to the brain, the main cause of Alzheimer’s disease, so pure olive oil is one of the most nutritious foods for the brain.


Blueberry - Photo Vitaminsaustralia
Blueberry – Photo Vitaminsaustralia

Blueberry is one of the many antioxidant fruits that help to minimize and eliminate harmful substances in the body, especially those related to age. At the same time blueberry is very beneficial in improving memory and mobility, prevent stroke and protect cerebral blood well. You should use a few blueberries daily to protect yourself.


As a food that contains many antioxidants, preventing bacteria and garlic not only helps prevent flu, cough and infection, but it also has a great effect on the brain, helping the brain younger, more sensitive. That is why garlic is a good food for the brain.

Some nuts

Some nuts
Some nuts

Some nuts, such as cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and other nuts are good for the growth and functioning of the brain. Among the nuts are Omega3, Omega6, folate and vitamins are good nutrients to nourish and protect the brain, especially the brain of children in development, all kinds. This particle stimulates brain growth, helps develop intelligence, develop vision as well as memory and brain awareness. Grains are good nutrition for the brain.


Fishes are generally very good for human health and the brain, and one of the fish that includes omega-3 fatty salmon. This fatty acid helps maintain brain cells, anti-inflammatory and age-related cognitive disorders, while also protecting the health of the eyes, limiting problems and vision.



Milk and dairy products such as yogurt are extremely rich in protein and B vitamins are good for the growth and development of the brain, especially vitamin D levels help the human nervous system develop.


Orange is a cool fruit that helps cool down in hot, hot days and is also the number 1 good for the brain when it comes to vitamin A, B1, C, and vitamin A. The important minerals that help protect the brain, fight stress and fatigue, and drink a glass of orange juice in the morning will give you a sense of well-being.

Black chocolate

Black chocolate
Black chocolate

Chocolate is a sweet, fatty food that you are afraid to dare not use, but not all chocolate is the same, some types when loaded into the body will cause obesity but also chocolate It is extremely good for the health and the brain of the person who eats, which is pure undersea black chocolate. This chocolate flavenols is a high antioxidant, has anti-inflammatory and improve blood circulation to the brain and heart, while dark chocolate is also a food that stabilizes blood pressure very well.


Carrots are one of the most potent compounds of luteolin – a compound that can reduce brain damage and brain damage caused by aging, reducing inflammation inside the brain. So maintaining a daily meal with just a moderate amount of carrot foods will reduce the risk of encephalitis.

The food we eat is considered “healthy” when it is really good for the brain, helping the brain fight bad bacteria that cause some diseases like Alzheimer’s, encephalitis, etc. The gold food for the brain in above should be noted that you should supplement daily.

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