10 Best Tourist Attractions In Finland

Tampere grande in Finland - Source: the-bluerabbit
Tampere grande in Finland - Source: the-bluerabbit

Being a Nordic country with an area of over 300.000 square kilometers, Finland is the 17th largest in Europe and the 64th in the world by area. This country has a cool climate and a gently natural landscape that is suitable for relaxing and traveling. The architecture of this country is the combination of ancient architecture and the elegance of modern architecture that creates an attractive and ideal scene. This article will show best tourist attractions in Finland to help readers know more about this beautiful country.

Suomenlinna archipelago 

Suomenlinna archipelago - Source: Wekipedia
Suomenlinna archipelago – Source: Wekipedia

Being an archipelago consisting of six small islands in the Baltic Sea, it is located near the Helsinki capital with many fortresses and battle tunnels from the past. In spite of being abandoned, it is still a good place for camping and exploring the wild landscape. Moreover, it also is the great place for those who love parachuting.


If you love “Santa Claus” or “Santa Claus” or like the shimmering scenery in a snow-covered space then go to Lapland. Here you will admire a beautiful and charming space with fun activities such as skiing, terrain racing or walking through the snow fields … A more special thing here. Attracting visitors around the place is to experience the feeling of watching the sun at night because in this beautiful land, in the summer there will be 60 days the sun never dives, is actually a show Natural statues are extremely strange. It is this that helped Lapland become the best tourist destination in Finland.

Kuokkala church

Kuokkala church - Source: ArchDaily
Kuokkala church – Source: ArchDaily

Designed in a unique contemporary style combined with a bit of traditional church architecture, the Kuokkala church becomes especially attractive to tourists. The roofs and walls are made entirely of slate, the gate of the church is made of two main materials, wood and copper, which adds value, a special feature is that the stairs are built right on the side of the church with Granite combined with the bell tower and a high wall to form the main entrance to the church. At the same time, the interior is made entirely of wood, such as a cathedral ceiling made of spruce wood in traditional wood details that stimulate the visual or main altar to be used. limewood wood, this is a kind of precious wood used to make traditional Finnish ritual items.

Nokia town

Located on the shores of Kokemaenjoki about 15 km from the city of Tampere, the town of Nokia carries a serene beauty, old but no less attractive. Coming to this small town, visitors will learn about the traditional customs, rituals and daily life of people hundreds of years ago through art reproductions at the Hinttala Museum. You can also experience the peace of mind when strolling on the slopes next to Lake Vihnusjarvi.

Joulutori Christmas Market

Joulutori Christmas Market - Source: Youtube
Joulutori Christmas Market – Source: Youtube

Loving Santa Claus, like the sparkle of Christmas, cannot fail to market Joulutori – a Christmas market in the central square of Tampere city of Finland. Called the Christmas market, but actually in this market in addition to the sale of traditional Christmas carnival service for many years, next to this place also helps you select a small gift souvenirs beautiful and unique to donate to family and friends, this place becomes a tourist destination should not be missed in Finland attracts a large number of international tourists from many countries around the world.

Turku City

Situated on the Baltic Sea in the south-west of Finland, Turku has become an important port city in this area, in addition to its unique old-European-style buildings. This is a city that has ancient features but is crowded and modern. Turku is also the gateway to 15,000 small islands as it is a vital sea route between Sweden and Finland. Not only that, but also to Turku, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea, the Ruissalo National Forest and experience the activities of mushroom picking, swimming, surfing extremely wonderful.


Porvooo - Source: mayshadwomanmag
Porvooo – Source: mayshadwomanmag

Porvoo is a beautiful medieval city with beautiful bungalows typical of urban bungalows with vibrant red color in the Poorvonjoki River. Here you will be surprised with the window frames, the fence is decorated with colorful vases of different looks extremely lovely and elegant. Enjoy the panoramic view of the city when visiting the church of Poorvo on the top of the parish. This is the most interesting tourist destination in Finland.

Helsinki capital

A beautiful seaside town with lots of greenery and a unique architecture of Europe’s top buildings and ancient museums, the capital Helsinki is truly one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe. Finland attracts a lot of visitors. Here you will be on Esplannadin Puisto Boulevard, experience the ferry ride between small islands to explore the small streets, explore the art space through the Finnish National Opera or the national museum. Finland, which owns and exhibits the nation’s largest collections.

The Parikkala Sculpture Park 

The Parikkala Sculpture Park in Finland - Source: mentalfloss
The Parikkala Sculpture Park in Finland – Source: mentalfloss

As the most bizarre garden in Finland with more than 500 human sculptures, the ghost garden has become the most famous tourist attraction in the Netherlands attracts more than 20,000 visitors to visit each year. This garden is deep in the forest of Parikkala in the south of Finland with sculptures depicting human activity with bizarre goddesses, creepy like deep sunken eyes, sinister smile, and statues This also shows the different races and colors of human beings in the world. The most striking phobia that visitors come here to visit the thrill of fear is the fact that some of the statues are also built in the loudspeaker to create frightening sound effects, hissing through each other. The leaves make the forest even more weird.


It is a small Arctic village with a very romantic image when snow is falling over many months of the year. This is the perfect place to enjoy the honeymoon, as there are tent-shaped ice-cream hotels that can help you see, admire the beauty of the outside, see the snow. It is still very warm even though the weather is sometimes a few degrees centigrade. This becomes the tourist destination. “Fascinating Finland attracts a large number of tourists every year.

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