10 Top-Rated Dishes in Mexico

Authentic Mexican Cuisine - Source: puebloviejogrill
Authentic Mexican Cuisine - Source: puebloviejogrill

Mexico is not only known for its unspoiled natural scenery but also for its rich, varied cuisine ranging from color to ingredients to food. When it comes to Mexico’s cuisine, it is common to think about dishes with red tomatoes and peppers or attractive those made of cornmeal. Each dish has a very distinctive feature of the cuisine of this country. Let’s explore the best Mexican food in Mexico to better understand the culinary tastes of the Cambodian.


Tacos - Source: bonappetit
Tacos – Source: bonappetit

Tacos is a traditional cake in Mexican cuisine, which is made quite simply with the main ingredient to make the cake is cornstarch, while the inside can be varied with pork, chicken, cows or fish are. Tacos are often eaten with onions, coriander and, of course, indispensable salsa sauce to make the cakes become rich and delicious. There are two types of Tacos in Mexico for diners to choose from: tacos soft shell and hard shell tacos. It is considered one of the most delicious delicacies in Mexico.


Micheladas and sueros are one of the most special drinks in Mexico that any diner who has tried a tasting can not forget its special flavor. The main ingredient to make this legendary cocktail is pureed black pepper, black beer and lemon juice mixed together, the very strange sounds that make this drink a sour taste. Sour, spicy spicy hot passion of black beer is very attractive. This is a regular and familiar drink of Mexicans in everyday meals.


Baked Chicken Quesadillas - Source: recipetineats
Baked Chicken Quesadillas – Source: recipetineats

Quesadillas is a cake that is made from the main ingredient cornmeal to make bread crusts, but the processing is more sophisticated and diverse than the Tacos. Corn tortillas will be clamped with cheeses, sausages and various spices such as mushrooms, garlic, beans, chicken, beef, etc. By the time the crust of corn has been hunted and smelled, it has been a fascinating Quesadillas cake to enjoy, which can be used in excellent breakfasts and is rich in calorie-needed nutrients for a day of operation.

Sopes Cake

As an agricultural country with a highly developed, high-yielding corn field, the use of corn as a major raw material for food processing is not uncommon for the Mexicans, so there is A lot of cake products are made from corn flour which is extremely attractive, in which Sopes cake can not be mentioned. The cake is only about 3 to 4 cm in diameter, hand-made, made of bean, cheese and onion, then cooked on charcoal served with herbs and salsa sauce. This dish is often used as an appetizer and becomes the most popular dish in Mexico.


Chilaquiles egg bake of Mexico - Source: marthastewart
Chilaquiles egg bake of Mexico – Source: marthastewart

Chilaquiles is a familiar Mexican homemade bread for breakfast, where locals will make use of the crumbs left over the previous night for day-to-day cooking, bread crusts The corn, cut into small triangles, will be fried for crispy gold before being chilled with chilaquiles made from two main ingredients: tomatoes and red peppers for chilaquiles or grass and Tomato leaves for green chilaquiles are extremely eye-catching. This dish will be served with chopped cheese, onion and sour cream for the dish becomes bold and “charming”.


Another dish made from corn tortillas is extremely attractive in Mexican cuisine, many international visitors coming here shook their heads and succumbed to the ingenious creativity of the people of this country when they could make too much. Corn tortillas, which are not identical to each other, give each one a distinct and enjoyable feel. Enchiladas is also one of those corn tortillas. Corn tortillas are used to grind beef, chicken or pork depending on the preferences of each person and are then baked for crispy corn cobs served with scallion served with sauces. Spicy and sour cream cheese is extremely wonderful. Enchiladas is considered a specialty dish not to be missed in Mexico.


Gordias - Source : Mexipes
Gordias – Source : Mexipes

Gorditas is a round or oval corn tortillas depending on the taste of the batter, and then baked to a slightly bloated piece of bread and then the beans are made from vegetables like potatoes. West, beans, colorful peppers and meat inside. Gorditas are often used in Mexican lunches, which are fragrant, crispy, crispy, and tender.


Tamales is a Mexican-style bakery, which is quite similar to Vietnamese bakery as it uses a layer of outer leaves to wrap the buns before boiling. Tamales cake is made from cornmeal, fat, meat, fish and some kinds of small pieces of vegetables mixed together and then use banana leaves or corn leaves to pack this mixture and boiled or steamed.


Huitlacoche - Source: Mexicogugu
Huitlacoche – Source: Mexicogugu

Huitlacoche is the most “exotic” food not only in Mexico but also in the world because Huitlacoche is the fungus that is infected with fungus or carbon black, which is considered to be a pest in agriculture. But with Mexicans, it is a fascinating dish and a typical Mexican dish that is famous for its Mexican cuisine. It is difficult to understand, if you have the opportunity to come here do you dare try once Huitlacoche this?


In Mexico there is a dish that must be courageous and brave enough to dare to try it by just seeing it, many diners had to go back to sleep, that is Chinicuiles – a dish made From the red Maguey worm, a deeply rooted aloe vera root and leaves are rich in protein, good for human health. It is used quite a lot in the food of the people here but in the experience of indigenous people it is eaten raw or boiled, it will be delicious and retain the nutritional value.

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