Top Rated Dishes In The United States

Popular food in the United States - Source: Reference
Popular food in the United States - Source: Reference

Because of being the nation with a great diversity of cultures and ethnic groups due to the immigration of people coming from many different countries, the United States owns a diverse and distinctive cuisine. American dishes, though, come in a variety of flavors from other countries, but when imported here, the skillful and inventive way in which American ingredients are added has made the dish more colorful. Other than that, it is not as simple as it was in the beginning and quickly became a very unique American food that when it comes to names, people just think of American food that forgets the origin of the original. of the dish, which is the ingenious of this country. And to better understand that, experience and discover all of the best American food in the travel itinerary.

Apple pie 

Apple Pie_ Source kelownafarmersandcraftersmarket
Apple Pie_ Source kelownafarmersandcraftersmarket

Apple pie is a long-standing dish and is a popular dish enjoyed by many people, the cake is used as an American dessert. The cake is made from flour, butter and of course indispensable apple flavor to create a delicious cake with a particularly sour taste to create a sense of delight for the food, apple pie is sold at Throughout the restaurants, eateries in the United States.

Grilled meats

Grilled meats are always popular in the United States, especially in Texas. Barbecued meat is the most widely served and used dish, and they can be used at lunch or dinner from anywhere. park, garden or stadium. The pieces of meat used to bake must be carefully selected for freshness, delicious to ensure that the grill is absolutely delicious that anyone to enjoy the noodles are satisfied, this is also assessed. One of the most delicious food in the United States.

Cotton candy 

Sweet cotton candy - Source Youtube
Sweet cotton candy – Source Youtube

Cotton candy is a strange charm and can melt the heart of anyone, from a whore to a girl in love. A soft candy, melt like a cloud, which is sweetly sweet, is more blue, pink mixed in the white cotton candy looks really attractive. Cotton candy does not need to be chewed into the mouth as it melts to bring sweetness to the tip of the tongue, dripping down the throat and causing the person to enjoy it, have eaten and still want to try that soft feeling.


Pretzels are one of the most popular and favorite street food in the United States, not only because of the taste but also because of the lovely shape of the cake. The pretzels have the shape of two arms that are intertwined as a sign of intimacy, unity, the top of the cake is sprinkled a little salt to create a rich flavor for the cake combined with the pungent mustard is even better . This is one of the most popular dishes in America.


Falafel _ Source: Seriouseats
Falafel _ Source: Seriouseats

Falafel is an appetizer not only enjoyed by the American people, but also by international visitors enjoying this dish, is quickly being conquered by the deliciousness and fatness of the cake. This dish is a perfect combination of green beans, olive oil, sesame, lime juice and garlic. These ingredients will be crushed or grounded and then crumbled and fried until they turn yellow and are crispy grains that can be used. Falafel becomes a fast-food snack of busy Americans.


Burrito is a roll cake originated in Mexico but when it came to the United States it has a completely different color and is quickly known with the US version, this is a roll cake and is a mixture of text. The culinary characteristics of the two countries bring a special flavor to the dish. Burrito rolls are used as a layer of powder to crust, inside beef, rice or beans and then wrapped skilfully for the tear layer is not torn. Today, in order to make the cake more plentiful and more flavorful, one can place inside the crust any of the ingredients that he likes such as sour cream, cheese, butter, chicken, beef Even sausages are okay. Because of that Burrito cake became a delicious food should not be missed in the United States.

Ice cream in the United States

Ice cream in the United States _ Source pitchengine
Ice cream in the United States _ Source pitchengine

Ice Cream is a favorite dish of many people from adults to children, from old to young in all countries in the world and of course the United States is not out of the rules. You can also call ice cream as a street food but it can also be a lavish dish because it can be found anywhere from a poor corner of the street, a casual shop but sometimes also in the A chic and famous restaurant. Cream in the United States is sweet and has a lot of different flavors to choose from like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry. processed in different shapes can be a cinnamon, a small ice cream Pretty or a cute bear, the feeling of having ice cream on hand just to see the American street is indeed wonderful.

Clam soup

Clam soup is a familiar dish on Friday of the American people, processing this dish is also relatively simple, the ingredients needed to cook clam soup simply with salted pork, onions, potatoes, Spices are added to the dish and, of course, indispensable clam meat, all the ingredients are put together until the sauce becomes thick and white, the aroma is radiant. Attractive can be off the kitchen and enjoy. Clam soup must be eaten when it is hot to feel the deliciousness of it without being fishy.

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