10 Top-Rated Dishes in Norway

Norwegian food - Photo Pinterest
Norwegian food - Photo Pinterest

Norway owns not only an impressive economic and tourism potential, but a rich and varied gastronomy that drawing the international tourist’s attention. The dishes in this country features many topographical features ranging from delicacies, forests, mountains to sea cuisine with creative ways. That all makes Norway’s cuisine be like a miniature food world. This article will present some  of the best-known Norwegian dishes to help travelers better understand Norwegian food, as well as this country and people living there.

Grilled salmon 

Norwegian salmon - Source: matadornetwork
Norwegian salmon – Source: matadornetwork

Salmon is one of the famous dishes of the Norwegian. The dishes made of fragrant and fat fish often attract many tourists coming to this nation. Salmon can be processed into many dishes such as boiled salmon, steamed salmon and grilled salmon is the favorite dish of the Norwegian. This dish is served with a special sauce and that make it becomes more attractive. Grilled salmon is  rated as one of the most delicious dishes in Norway.


Bread is also an indispensable indispensable food in the daily meals of the Norwegian people, may be the fast, compact but can also be served in afternoon tea is very interesting. Here is a very fragrant bread, flat shape and very crispy shell inside the intestines are soft moderate. You can combine bread with fresh milk, herbal teas.


Lutefisk in Norway - Photo: Soldatnytt
Lutefisk in Norway – Photo: Soldatnytt

The dishes made from fish or other seafood are an indispensable part of Norwegian cuisine, most notably the dry pickled codfish that locals call “Lutefisk”. The most interesting thing is that under frozen snow, people will catch these fish and then dry them and soak them with vinegar. The vinegar will make the fish less tanh fish, bring a sour taste to sour fish meat and sauce. This dish is eaten when it is hot to feel the delicious taste of it, this is a very used food for Christmas.


Smalahove is a dish that bring “challenge” for visitors when ordering this dish by displaying the dish with the sheep’s head into the plate. However, it will be a really attractive dish when dinners overcome the fear. The preparation of this dish is also meticulous and meticulous. There are many ways to process the sheep’s head, for example a smoked, dried or fried lamb for about 3 hours with potatoes. This is one of the dishes that should not be missed in Norway.


Rakfish- Photo ThorNews
Rakfish- Photo ThorNews

The rotten fish, also known as Rakfish, is the most horrible scent in Norway, a characteristic rotten smell of fish, but if anyone has ever eaten it will find it so delicious and hard to forget the incense. Its taste, as well as Vietnamese durian, also has a very unpleasant odor but is eaten as “crushed”. This dish is made from salmon and then fermented for 2 to 3 months to remove the fish out, before eating fish will be washed away with beer, wine and potatoes to remove the Bacteria are not good for health and then processed, this dish is often served with bacon, mustard sauce and a special spicy sauce. The rotten fish becomes the best specialty dish in Norway.


Coming to Norway, if you do not like fish, try to taste lamb but be afraid of Slamahove sheep’s head, do not worry because Norwegian cuisine is ready to please all customers, try mutton Farikal is a dish made with stewed lamb and served with cabbage and pepper for sweet, fragrant, soft sweet taste.

Cheese in Norway

Brown cheese in Norway - Photo AnneCN
Brown cheese in Norway – Photo AnneCN

Cheese is a popular dish in Norway when it is used along with many other ingredients to create unique and delicious food that is good for health, rich in nutrients. In Norway there are two types of cheese very popular here, one made from yogurt, so it is ivory white called gammelost cheese and one made from goat’s milk should be brownish in appearance. with caramel is called geitost. Cheese eaten alone or eaten with bread is also delicious.

Svele cake

Having been in Norway since the 1970s, the Svele cake has become very popular here with a selection of ingredients and a relatively simple procession. But this dish is really attractive and becomes a treat. Eat in a snack or a late afternoon for the local people, either cooked on a baking dish or in a steamed, hot oiled pan.


Bacalao - Photo thecuriouscoconut
Bacalao – Photo thecuriouscoconut

A variety of ingredients such as dried cod, chilli, potatoes, tomatoes, onions and garlic are made together to create a spicy, salty but high-quality dish. The taste that any diner has ever tasted will not forget its taste. Bacalao is simple but one of the most delicious and delicious dishes in Norway.


It is a very special dish in Norway with an impressive name of “sticks” because it is made from salted ribs, lamb dried and combined with sausage to create a steaming dish. It is rich in nutrients and is very beautiful, this dish is used a lot in the Christmas holidays.

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