Top 10 best dishes in Greece

Greek food - Source: Greek.Food
Greek food - Source: Greek.Food

Greek cuisine is heavily influenced by the culinary schools of different countries such as France, Italy and the Middle East so that the cuisine of this place is quite varied and rich with dishes extremely steaming paste.

1. Moussaka 

Traditional Greek Moussaka - Source: Mygreekdish
Traditional Greek Moussaka – Source: Mygreekdish

Moussaka is one of the famous and familiar dishes of the Greek people. Ingredients for making this dish are sliced eggplant, potatoes and minced beef with a layer of soft cream becschamel covered over and then bake until it turns brownish-brown. nine. Today to add new novelty to the food, the Greeks also use pumpkin instead of eggplant again. This is one of the most attractive dishes in Greece are famous chefs bring to introduce in the world.

2. Fasolatha soup

Fasolatha soup is a well-known white bean soup in Greece, which is served with white beans mixed with crushed tomatoes along with some other vegetables such as onions, celery and carrots until the ingredients This is soft, squash together to form a mixture of moderate consistency, this dish is eaten when hot and eaten with delicious rice. Usually, fasolatha soup is a popular vegetarian dish in this country.

3. Loukhoumades 

loukoumades-Source cookingtheglobe
loukoumades-Source cookingtheglobe

Loukhoumades is a kind of cake not only childish but even adults in Greece also like, cake is made in the form of a small circle, before the water will be sprinkled on a layer of soft honey, sweet after It sprinkles a little cinnamon or walnut powder that looks incredibly eye-catching and attractive. The Loukhoumades are considered one of the most popular dishes in Greece.

4. Ouzo

Alcohol is a very familiar drink on the party, in the meeting friends meet and in Greece is no exception, here is a special Ouzo wine. Ouzo is a pure, pure alcohol distilled from used vinegar for making wine so that the color of the wine is clear and the aroma of licorice and the alcohol content. Up to 50 degrees so you should consider before using.

5. Youvetsi 

Youvetsi Source Carolinescooking
Youvetsi Source Carolinescooking

Youvetsi is a typical Greek stew that is not only popular among locals, but even international travelers are quickly caught up in this dish. Materials for this dish include meat such as beef or lamb, tomato sauce, pasta and Kefalotyri cheese. Firstly, the beef or lamb is cooked into pieces and then cooked with tomato sauce, when the mixture is near, then the pasta is added, finally covering the surface above the layer. Cheesecloth before being put into the oven so that they are sticky together. When you enjoy this dish, you will feel the soft, soft taste of the cheese outside of the sweet taste of meat and pasta inside is extremely attractive and interesting. This is considered one of the delicious food should not be missed in Greece.

6. Gyro

The gyro is a traditional Greek sandwich, with the kernel of which is cooked ripe meat along with salad greens with plenty of sauce in the slices. Noodles are sliced or in pita rice cakes. In Greece, there are two kinds of Gyro cakes for visitors to choose from: a burger and a vegetarian dish, the use of sheep’s milk or goat’s milk as a substitute for meat is excellent.

7. Dolmades

Dolmades - Source: Foodofy
Dolmades – Source: Foodofy

Dolmades at first glance looks like a little cake commonly used in the main meal of the Greeks. The most striking feature of Dolmades is the use of grape leaves instead of other leaves for wrapping. The selected grape leaves are a large, intact grape leaves, then washed, dipped in boiling water to make it tender and tender, and then wrapped with rice, meat and Vegetables to make bread and then steamed. This is considered a must try in Greece

8. Spanakopita

Spanakopita is one of the most popular recipes in Greece, with an outer layer made of thin, crispy flour and breadcrumbs that are abundant depending on the taste of the person. Bread can be a great combination of eggplant, meat, vegetables and cheese, or simply feta cheese with spinach without the meat, which also creates an attractive and weird taste for Spanakopita.

9. Baklava 

Baklava Source Food52
Baklava Source Food52

Baklava is one of the best cakes in Greece that you can easily find in any street in Greece. The cake has a crispy crust crust, with a sweet, pure sweetness, without being throat-necked. It becomes attractive, so that people do not have the feeling of boredom but want to eat more.

10. Pastitsio

Pastitsio is one of the most demanding and elaborate dishes in Greek cuisine because each ingredient in the dish will have to be placed neatly in layers to create a delicious taste, but also beautiful. dish. This Pastitsio consists of many layers, meat layers, pasta layers, becschamel sauce and herbs, cinnamon and nutmeg … This dish is usually served to grilled and eaten when it is hot and delicious.

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