Top 10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Ukraine

Stunning view of Ukraine - Source dentons
Stunning view of Ukraine - Source dentons

Being one of the countries located in the heart of Europe, Ukraine owns many beautiful landscapes and many historical sites captivating a huge number of tourists coming to visit annually. Besides, Saint Sophia Cathedral and Chernobyl National Museum, this eastern European country also possesses many other beautiful sights. Let’s explore and experience the most famous tourist attractions in Ukraine in the journey to this beautiful country.

1. Mount Goverla

Mount Goverla - Source: colourbox
Mount Goverla – Source: colourbox

Mount Goverla is one of the well-known mountains in Ukraine, drawing the attention of a large number of visitors annually. This mountain, with elevation over sea level of 2,000 meters, is the place where travelers can admire the majestic overview of this place. Meanwhile, it is also an ideal place for those who love climbing to conquer Mount Goverla.

2.  Saint Sophia Cathedral

Saint Sophia Cathedral, located in the city of Kiev, is a famous architectural symbol of the city. The church was built in 1037 and was completed in 1057, which took 20 years for this masterpiece. It has a dome roof made of oak wood and 5 median compartments, 5 haremed compartments surrounded by 2 long rooms. Saint Sophia Cathedral is Ukraine’s first UNESCO-recognized cultural heritage site and also one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Ukraine.

3. Tunnel of Love

Tunnel of Love in Ukraine - Source: pandotrip
Tunnel of Love in Ukraine – Source: pandotrip

It is one of the most beautiful and romantic roads in Ukraine that travelers must definitely visit if having chance to come to this country. This road is a tunnel in Klevan city, covered by the green of plant and flowers and a very impressive scene. It is also the dating place of the couples with the wishes for eternal love and wills holding hands together all the way. This is the meaning of the tunnel that makes it become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ukraine.

4. The Chernobyl National Museum

The Chernobyl National Museum is one of the quietest museums in the world, where it is possible to hear either remote sing of birds or the sound of falling leaves because it is the place to display, preserve the images of the disaster of Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986 in Ukraine. This is the most serious catastrophe in the history of nuclear energy that left 56 people dead immediately, 47 workers and 9 children with thyroid cancer, and 9,000 people at cancer risk at the same time. It is a pain for Ukraine so it is the reason why the Chernobyl National Museum was created to commemorate the people who lost and suffered from the disaster.

5. St. Sophia Square

Saint Sophia Square -Source: aponom.deviantart
Saint Sophia Square -Source: aponom.deviantart

It is one of the largest and most scenic squares in Ukraine. Coming to this place, visitors can admire the statue of Bogdan Khmelnytsky driving horse in the center of the square or take a stroll around the fountain; relax in the beautiful surroundings or reward yourself with a great cup of coffee in a great evening in Ukraine.

6. Odessa

Odessa, one of the most developed cities in Ukraine, is home to many cultural facilities, hotels, beauty centers, health centers and educational institutions. Moreover, it also owns many extremely beautiful beaches that suitable for relaxation. Meanwhile, it is also one of the important seaports of Ukraine.

7. Kiev City

Kiev City - Source: stayinkiev
Kiev City – Source: stayinkiev

Kiev city is a pride of the Ukrainian people as the city survives and develops through periods of fierce warfare. A lot of theaters, museums, religious areas here clearly prove that Kiev is the cultural center of Ukraine.

8. Sophia Park

Located in the city of Uman, about 100km from the capital of Kiev, Sophia Park is not only a beautiful lush green scenery but also a meaningful gift that Stanislay Potocki donated to his beloved wife on her birthday. Coming to Sophia Park, travelers can admire the streams, waterfalls and fresh landscapes, the island of love and other attractions. This is also one of the famous tourist destinations in Ukraine.

9. Lvov City

Lviv City - Source: ukrainetrek
Lviv City – Source: ukrainetrek

Lvov city is one of the cities still storing the old architectural buildings and the narrow but extremely colorful streets. Visiting to this city, travelers can visit the big square with a high tower that can help tourists see the extremely sparkling and impressive panoramic view.

10. Sinevir Lake

Sinevir Lake is one of the lakes owning the unpretentious beauty in Ukraine with jade and clear water, next to vast green forests. The beauty of this place is extremely pristine and attractive. It is also rated as one of the most impressive tourist destination in Ukraine.

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