Top Popular Tasty Dishes In The United Kingdom

Sunday roast - Source: Wikipedia
Sunday roast - Source: Wikipedia

United State is often mentioned as a large country with a long tradition and the dishes are simply processed, less oil fat but very unique and attractive. Here are not only beef sandwiches, cream tea, “red meat” … but there are countless other attractive dishes that anyone who has ever been to cannot forget the special taste that the dishes in this brings. Let’s explore the culinary culture of this place through the best food in the UK.

Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire Pudding - Source: Recipethis
Yorkshire Pudding – Source: Recipethis

Yorkshire Pudding is a traditional pastry and is a traditional food in England. Yorkshire Pudding ingredients include eggs, milk, wheat flour, “Horseradish” sauces, and sirloin and grilled meats, along with potatoes, broccoli or carrots. This cake became the favorite cake in Britain.

Beef sandwich

Beef sandwich is one of the breakfast dishes of the British by simple processing but delicious and delicious taste. Not only that, but it is a very convenient way to carry out the journey of the British people. To make beef sandwiches first wash the beef under cold water, then cut the meat into thin, long pieces to match the griddle of the sandwich. Beef will be marinated with spices to within minutes of the meat to infuse them and then pan to ripen both sides. The same vegetables as onion, cucumber, lettuce … will be cleaned to dry storage. The bread will be crunchy, then lay a layer of vegetables and a layer of beef and then add a slice of vegetables on the clamp to have a delicious sandwich sandwiches. This is also considered one of the most attractive dishes in the UK.

Roat Meat

Roat Meat - Source: Simplyrecipes
Roat Meat – Source: Simplyrecipes

Roat Meat is actually a dish made from beef sandwiches with a long tradition of the British. And people here often use this dish on Sunday when the family gathering, crowded together. The special thing to make this meat dish is attractive is that the beef steak, although baked in the oven, but only the edge is almost brittle, while the inside remains soft, just Nine should be reddish color that the British think so that there are many nutrients. This dish is made relatively simple, just clean the beef pieces marinated spices such as salt, main noodles, pepper … and then bake until the meat is slightly red and yellow Brown is a piece of cooked meat, eaten with sandwiches and fries extremely delicious.

Bubble and Squeak

The British have a way to utilize the leftover vegetables left over from a very unique Sunday meal to make the Bubble Squeak he is popular with. The main ingredient for making this dish is cabbage, carrots, beans and brussel. It will be added to the saucepan together with the mashed potatoes until the mixture turns brown.

Fish and Chips

Fish And Chips -Source: Delonghi
Fish And Chips -Source: Delonghi

Fish Chips is a typical dish in the North of England. The fish used in this dish is cod, a special fish in the Atlantic. To make this dish, each piece of fish, after being marinated with a mixture of flour, will be fried and served with chopped potato chips, along with tomato sauce, green peas and some lemon slices. This dish will be wrapped in newspaper to keep the heat, crispy fish and potatoes. When enjoying the dish, the customers will feel the deliciousness that the dish brings, sweet, crispy crisps that fish meat in the bean sprouts, added a bit sour taste of lemon and tamarind sauce This creates an impressive flavor. And fish he chips into good food should not be missed in the UK.

Cream tea

Cream tea is a “noble” and most attractive dish in the UK. Simply a combination of tea, ice cream and cake, but this dish brings a lot of emotions as well as the enjoyment for those who are new for the first time enjoy this dish. To make ice cream is also quite sophisticated, first to milk the new cow to be right into the pot to boil the scum, then put the milk into the water as steamed and very low heat. Until the top layer of condensed milk turns out to be off, it will be dark, smooth, and plastic. The cake is made from floating flour, eggs and avocados, usually only hand-crimped, yellowish-colored and moderately brittle. The cake will be added in two and then spread a cream of ice cream and strawberry jam will give the food is fat, sweet and fragrant, enjoy the same kinds of tea will make the dish even more attractive. This is considered the number 1 specialty in the UK.

Apple crumble

Apple crumble - Source: stayathomemum
Apple crumble – Source: stayathomemum

Apple crumble is a cake made from freshly ripe apple with light butter, flour, cinnamon and a moderate amount of sugar to make the cake not too sweet. The mixture will be mixed together using hands to knead thoroughly, then sprinkle on top of the cake is freshly prepared apple. The next thing to do is to put the cake in the oven and wait for the yellow cake to incense, scent to chewing can be thrown out to enjoy. Each crispy crunchy apple crumble is usually served with a vanilla ice cream or sweet and sour cream, which is very attractive, so that anyone who has already enjoyed it will never forget its taste.

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