Best destinations for traveling in May


You are planning some trips for your vacation in May? In order to get more information to refer for your trip in May, have a look to some suggestions about ideal tourist attractions in below:

  1. Korea

The weather of May in Korea is so cool and pleasant that it is suitable for sightseeing and tourism activities. With traditional culture, Korea becomes a favorite tourist destination for many visitors. This beautiful country is well-known for its picturesque scenery as well as charming valleys, stunning rivers and palaces, ancient shrines, pagodas, reliefs, museum.

Coming to Korea in May, travelers will have opportunity to admire the compelling natural landscapes with attractive valleys lying in the foot of mountains next to the green plains. This country is also so famous for its islands and islets that it is nicknamed as “Wonderland islands”. In particular, visiting Nami Island, travelers will be felt freely to admire the romantic and tempting scenery that is often seen on many popular Korean dramas.

Korea- Jeju Island, a refresh place can't miss it out
Korea- Jeju Island, a refresh place can’t miss it out

Dinosaur Ridge, Seoraksan Nat'l Park, South Korea
Dinosaur Ridge, Seoraksan Nat’l Park, South Korea
  1. Japan

April, May, October and November are considered as the great time to visit to Japan. In particular, the period from the ending of March to the beginning of April is the blooming cherry blossom season and many special traditional festivals are taken place in this time. Travelers should avoid travelling Japan in June because this month is the rainiest month around the year and the heavy rains at this time can affect the trip.

Japan is rated as one of the 10 most wonderful countries all over the world. Choosing May to travel this country, visitors will be immersed in the charming natural scenery there. Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu (with the Kyukyu Island (Okinawa) and many other small islands) are four main islands of Japan.

Takashi Komatsubara in Japan
Takashi Komatsubara in Japan
Blooming cherry blossom season in Japan
Blooming cherry blossom season in Japan

3. Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the best tourist attractions to explore in May , which travelers should not miss out.