Top 10 best-selling dishes in the Netherlands

Bitterballen of the Netherlands - Source: SBS
Bitterballen of the Netherlands - Source: SBS

The Netherlands – the country of tulips attract tourists not only by the beautiful natural scenery, warm hearted sincere, but also by its unique and rich cuisine. The foods of this country not only require delicious, attractive processing but also requires beautifully in the combination of materials and decoration. Nothing is more interesting than just enjoying the scenery and enjoying the most delicious food in the Netherlands in the travel itinerary.


Cheese in the Netherlands - Source CNN
Cheese in the Netherlands – Source CNN

As a traditional dish from a long time in the Netherlands 400 years BC, cheese is really a favorite dish in the Netherlands. Cheese here are made according to a secret formula should taste and taste better than the cheese in other countries. Milk must be brewed until frozen and then fully drained, this process is difficult and requires the most technical, then to be mixed with a bad dry fermented enamel in 2 days to mix up yeast. After fermentation to make a difference and bold for the cheese will be soaked in salt water and dried before creating a powder coating on the outside. Because of the thorough processing, the cheese here can be stored and used for more than a year while retaining its delicious taste. Cheese is considered to be one of the most delicious delicacies in the Netherlands.

 Poffertjes cake

It is an indispensable cake for every season of poffertjes, enjoyed by locals. Wheat flour, buckwheat, sugar, pureed butter, these ingredients will be mixed together to form a dense mixture to squeeze into small loaves, then bring the fried Both on the hot oil pan, when the ripe it will bulge, have a delicious crunchy crunch. Poffertjes are often served with sugar, butter or fruit syrups to add to the cake’s appeal.

Herring fish

Herring fish - Source hungrygerald
Herring fish – Source hungrygerald

Herring fish, also known as herring, contains a lot of good Omega 3 for health that is used by the Dutch people for cooking. Herring can be processed into many different dishes, but the most delicious is still live herring fish that Vietnamese people still call it raw fish to keep the fat and sweetness of fish. Called live fish but the process of processing this dish is also relatively elaborate, firstly bring fish will be cleaned, filtered meat and fish bones then marinated with spices such as salt, Pepper … for 24 to 48 hours for the fish to be eaten, this prickly salad if carefully stored in the refrigerator can be used in 1 to 2 months. This is not to be missed in the Netherlands.

Hutspot in the Netherlands

Hutspot is a traditional and proud food in the Dutch cuisine. Any visitor arriving in this beautiful country is also welcomed by the people of the tulip country to taste hutspot. This meal is simple with mashed potatoes, carrots, onions and minced beef but is extremely attractive, not only because of the palatability of the food but also by the colorful color of the vegetables and fruit together.

Oliebollen cake

Oliebollen cake - Source pinterest
Oliebollen cake – Source pinterest

Oliebollen cake is an indispensable cake at the Dutch New Year’s party. Breads are made from flour to cover the cakes with the inside of which are fruits or grains such as apple, pineapple, grape seed or almonds. After the cake is molded and shaped, it will be fried in oiled oil pans to make the cake look beautifully yellowish. Oliebollen cake is the faith of the Dutch people in a lucky year, so many good things so it is like a message, an annual habit that anyone no matter how busy come home to gather in December 31 afternoon to eat the Oliebollen cake wait for the New Year.


Stampot is not only a famous dish in the Netherlands but also many countries in the world because it is not only delicious, but also very nutritious and healthy for everyone. The main ingredient to make Stampot is the mashed potatoes mixed with seasonal vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, green beets, smoked meats and sausages.


Stroopwafle- Source pixabay
Stroopwafle- Source pixabay

Stroopwafle is a very sweet dish in the Netherlands and if you are a sweetheart then do not skip this dish when you come here, this dish is simply two slices of cinnamon slices are put together in the same. The middle will have a sweet syrup. This cake must be eaten as soon as it is hot to feel the crunchiness of the outer layer of waffles, the scent, the syrup’s characteristic sweetness will ensure that you will never forget its taste.


Kibbing is also a dish made from extremely attractive fish in the Netherlands. Fish will be cleaned, filtered out of bone and meat like Herrings, but instead of being eaten alive, the fish will be fried in a very hot oil pan so that when cooked it will be crunchy and crispy. Lemon will taste difficult to resist. This dish must be eaten when it is hot and served with steamed rice is even better.


Bitterballen-Source: Amsterdo
Bitterballen-Source: Amsterdo

Bitterballen is a fried golden broccoli dish, beautifully and crispy crust but the inside is extremely long, soft and very attractive. This dish is served with spicy mustard and sipped with a sip of freshly brewed beer is extremely excellent.


Snert is also one of the familiar Dutch soup with beans, pork, celery and garlic to be chopped and stewed together. This dish is eaten when it is the hottest in winter, it helps dispel the sense of cold, this is also one of the best food in the Netherlands.

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