Top ten specialties captivating travelers in Germany

German cuisine - Source: Cognorbis
German cuisine - Source: Cognorbis

Not only does Germany attracts foreign tourists with its compelling natural landscapes and architectural works containing ancient beauty mixed with modern beauty but Germany also captivates travelers thanks to its unique and diverse cuisine.

1. German sausage

German sausage is so popular that attract not only the indigenous people but international travelers as well. This food is made from many different types of meat such as veal, pork or chicken in order to create the specific flavor and feature of each type. German sausage can be processed in many different ways basing on the preferences of each dinner, for example: baked sausage, fried sausage with vegetables or bread, etc. It is the most attractive food in Germany.

German sausage - Source: Foodal
German sausage – Source: Foodal

2. Pickled cabbage (Sauerkraut)

Pickled cabbage, also called as “Sauerkraut” by the German, is a traditional dish of the locals. Basing on the processing method and tasting of each region in Germany, this dish is added different ingredients but it still has the following basic materials: cabbage soaking into salt and spices. It is often served with pork.

Sauerkraut- Source: fatburningman
Sauerkraut- Source: fatburningman

3. Germany bread

According to the statistics of a reputable culinary magazine, Germany has more than 600 types of bread with different designs and flavors but there are three main categories that are the most popular ones in this country: black bread, white bread and grey bread. Breads are used by the Germans at any time of the day, from breakfast to lunch or in afternoon tea combined with other ingredients such as butter, jam, sausage, cheese or vegetables to create Characteristic of each type of bread, it can be said that this is a typical dish of German culture and is one of the dishes should not be missed in Germany.

Germany bread - Source: NPR
Germany bread – Source: NPR

4. Currywursr

This dish is served in all gourmet restaurants in Germany, the ingredients for making this dish are crispy pork sausages then cut into small sausages and then sprinkled with curry sauce Up, add a bit of chili powder to create a pungent level for more bold. This dish became even better when it was eaten with potatoes and sipped with German beer. Curry sausages become the best specialty in Germany.

Currywursr - Source: Du Lich Today
Currywursr – Source: Du Lich Today

5. German beer

It will be a mistake when it comes to German cuisine without mentioning German beer. German beer is a long-standing drink with a very rigorous testing from preparation to processing to create a very premium quality beer and charming aroma. Bitburger, Kellerbier, Zwickelbier are some of famous German beer tourists should not miss out to taste.

German beer - Source: NY Daily News
German beer – Source: NY Daily News

6. Meatball

Meatball is the dish processed the simplest and easiest way in German cuisine, but it gives the taste and impression to any visitor when enjoying it. The ingredients used to make this dish are simply grinded meat and then rolled into flat round meat pieces, coated with a layer of dough and fried on a hot oil pan until the meatballs are turned. To be yellowish. Meatballs served with eggs, sauces, breads and mustard make for an unforgettable, crispy crust of crust outside of the soft sweet taste of meat, the taste of the sauce.

German meatballs - Source: Cook'n
German meatballs – Source: Cook’n

7. Berliner Weisse

Berliner Weisse is also a beer in Germany but it is only for women because it is very light. It is a combination of yeast and some fruits to create a sour, Sweet very attractive. With a low alcohol content, mild aroma, this drink quickly became one of the most popular drinks in Germany.

8. Potato Salad

Potato Salad is a popular dish of many countries in the world, but each country has a different way to make a distinctive taste for their food, Germany too, potato salad here with the smell. Taste and flavor are very characteristic. This dish is a combination of potato, sugar, pepper, salt and various herbs to create a fast, convenient but delicious dish. All make the potato salad become the favorite dish in Germany.

9.  Weisswurst

Weisswurst is a well-known white sausage made from calf and salt mutton mixed with a variety of spices to create a rich and distinctive aroma for this type of sausage. This type of shimmer is white and usually does not last for more than a day because it will quickly lose its taste when exposed to the air so often the Germans do this only in the morning and eat at lunch on the same day.

10. Apfelstrudel cake

Apfelstrudel is the typical apple pie of the German. Making this apple pie is not too difficult. Crispy crust cake mixing with the sweet taste of apples will make it become extremely attractive.

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